Saturday, 14 May 2011

Avoid Shark Attack

Precautions to avoid shark attack

Few animals evoke terror in the way a shark does. But the fact is there is more of a chance of getting struck by lightening than getting bit by a shark. Contrary to the bad reputation given to sharks by Hollywood, sharks do not target humans unnecessarily as personified in Hollywood movies such as "Jaws" and "Deep Blue Sea." About 56 unprovoked shark attacks on humans each year, on the other hand estimated 250,000 sharks die each day at the hands of humans, nearly 100 million each year. In fact, 80% of the 350 shark species are considered harmless to humans and they never attack human. Shark attack us because they confuse us with seals, their favorite food

My blog is not meant to scare swimmers but rather to educate them. Swimmers tan take some precautions or keep some facts in their mind before swimming.

 What cause a shark attack and what should we do to avoid them?

Water quality: Lots of attacks occur in murky water and people lose their life or get hurt by shark byte .Avoid swimming in murky water because it is very hard to see through water. And shark also can’t distinguish you from his other target. And stay out of water where sharks live.
Think about swimming time: Also avoid feeding time of shark. Usually shark eat at dawn or dusk, also do not swim at night when it is very difficult to see what is swimming through the water. Sharks hunt most actively at these times

Be Informative: Don't play with your life and safety. Look at the signs on the beach that warn if sharks have been spotted, or if a shark bite or shark attack has been reported. Take these warnings seriously. Don’t swim at water then.

Swim in a group: By this you can help each other and it will reduce probability of getting attacked. Never dive, surf or swim alone. If one member of the group is attacked, help is immediately available And if an attack does happen then its become quite impossible for anyone to survive
Sharks sensitivity: Shark can detect just one drop of blood in the water from very far distance. So if you are bleeding or menstruating avoid swimming.

Sharks food area: Marine lives that are attractive to sharks for food purpose are dangerous for swimming. Such as seals or sea turtles.

Jewelry: It can be look like fish scales to a shark underwater. It is better to take off any types of jewelry before entering the ocean water. Bright clothing colors also attract sharks as they can see contrast quite well. 
 Avoid or cover uneven tanning, as the contrast makes you more visible to shark.

Splashing: Avoid using erratic movements. When dogs swim they will splash around in a way that attracts. So you can keep your pets out from ocean water. Excessive splashing at the surface will attract sharks. Because of their lateral line can detect movements in the water. This is how shark detect injured fish thrashing about in the water. So try to swim smoothly at all times

Fishing: Fishing and fishing boats attract sharks. Cause they put blood to water. And sharks also come to feed from fishing boats where there is often chum or bait. Fishing areas, steep drop-offs or sandbars are favorite feeding areas for sharks.

If sharks are present, get out: If the lifeguard yells to get out due to the presence of a shark, get out right away and also if you can see a shark or feel something big under water, just get out..

What should someone do if he/she attacked by sharks??

 ***Try to use your first opportunity to leave the water.

 ***Do not let panic. The shark can give you a boost. This is something that the shark used to find out what they are. A push is just a little push gives the shark with his nose. It is not really anything to worry about. So try not to panic

 ***Sometimes sharks may retreat temporarily and then try to surprise you.. Get out of the water. It may come back in a half hour. So keep swimming toward beach all the time.

 ***Fight against sharks. Giving a blow to the shark's gills or eyes will cause them off..

 ***Call for medical help when victim out of the water and try not to move the victim unnecessarily.

 ***Try to give some heat to victim. Wrap him or her in a blanket to minimize heat loss.

 ***Press upon the pressure points and try to control bleeding.

Lot of people thinks they are brave and become careless. There is a difference between bravery and carelessness and this could be the difference between life, death or a life-changing injury. So be informative, make right choice and avoid any kind of injury.